The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (2024)

Published: · by Audrey Roberts

Fifty of the Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes! From cheesy dips to savory bites and saucy wings we’ve got everything you need for your next party or game day event like the Super Bowl! A collection of gluten-free appetizer recipes from top gluten-free and food allergy bloggers.

The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (1)

Gluten-Free Game Day Appetizers

Take the stress out of your gluten-free game day menu planning! There is something for everyone in this collection of fifty gluten-free appetizer recipes. From the classics to new favorites, you won’t be disappointed because all of the recipes are gluten-free crowd-pleasers. Perfect for parties and game day events like the Super Bowl!

The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (2)

The Dips

Savory, saucy, baked, or chilled all of these popular dip recipes are gluten-free!

The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (3)

The Bites

Hand held and bite-sized appetizers are so popular! With all of these different choice you will all of your favorite appetizer bites!

The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (4)

The Meats

Everyone loves appetizers made with meat like sausage, bacon, chicken and beef. All of theses meaty appetizers are made gluten-free.

A big thank you to my gluten-free and food allergy blogger friends for allowing me to share their favorite gluten-free appetizer recipes with you.

About Audrey Roberts

I'm Audrey Roberts, a busy mama of four and I love sharing the recipes that I make for my family. I make gluten-free family-friendly recipes that are simple and delicious that you can too! I use easy to find ingredients that won't break your budget. You will also find dairy-free options and Paleo recipes. I am also the author of The Everything Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cookbook, which is an Amazon Best Selling Cookbook in the US and Internationally. Living gluten-free since 2010. I hope by me sharing my journey it may help you with yours.

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The Best Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes (2024)


What can I feed a crowd that is gluten-free? ›

  • Classic Stuffed Peppers. ...
  • Cacio E Pepe Sweet Potato Noodles. ...
  • Lemony Chicken & Potatoes With Feta. ...
  • Feta & Herb-Crusted Salmon. ...
  • Creamy Gochujang White Chicken Chili. ...
  • Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Casserole. ...
  • Instant Pot Pork Puttanesca. ...
  • Best-Ever Gluten-Free Pasta.
Feb 22, 2023

What is the best gluten-free game? ›

Gluten Free Games
  • Ultimate Arctic Simulator. Ultimate Bird Simulator. Ultimate Cat Simulator. Ultimate Dog Simulator. Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator. Ultimate Dragon Simulator. Ultimate Farm Simulator. ...
  • Dolphin Simulator. Elephant Simulator. Falcon Simulator. Jurassic Life: Tyrannosaurus Rex. Jurassic Life: Velociraptor. Orca Simulator.

What are the best gluten-free carbs for runners? ›

Some Gluten-Free Carbohydrate Foods and Meals
  • Banana: One medium- 7- 8” long has 27 g CHO.
  • Yam or Sweet Potato (no, they're not the same thing). ...
  • Dried Dates have 18 g CHO each.
  • Large, Fresh Figs: 2” diameter has 12 g CHO each.
  • Raisins: Small box has 34 g CHO.

What common meals are gluten-free? ›

  • All fresh fruits, vegetables & meat are gluten free. ...
  • Simple meals.
  • Steak & baked potato (or creamer potatoes)
  • A sweet potato can be a meal all by itself, or serve with crumbled bacon and green beans.
  • Italian omelette filled with cheese & pizza sauce.
  • Refried beans, white cheese dip and tortilla chips.
Oct 12, 2021


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